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AIE, Inc. is Southern California’s avionics, instruments and electronics repair station located at the French Valley Airport, in Murrieta, CA.  In 2016, we moved into our new facility, pictured above.  We now offer a wider variety of services to our customers including aircraft maintenance, annual inspections, and modifications.  AIE, Inc. has been providing excellent service in products, repairs, custom instrument panel rebuilds, and electrical retro-fit services since 1984. AIE, Inc. is an  FAA, EASA, & TCCA approved repair station certified under part 145. We have incorporated new on-site engineering design capabilities that enable us to utilize the latest in avionics technology.

In 2015, we expanded our scope to include the ability to provide services in other countries such as Europe and Canada. Soon, AIE, Inc. will be able to include wiring and connector kits to our manufacturing capabilities. This ability will enhance our online sales of electrical components and improve your specialized needs designed specifically for individual aircraft. This added convenience will allow easier access to high quality products to be shipped directly from our facility to your destination.


We provide service to not only the typical consumer, but also city, county, and government agencies such as numerous police and fire departments, and multiple military branches all over the United States, and worldwide. Through the years we’ve remained consistent with growth in knowledge, extensive attention to detail, advanced technical education and more than 30 years of experience. We have continued to prove that we are one of the finest aircraft electrical and avionic repair stations on the west coast.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide outstanding service and products that ensure aircraft safety, while benefiting our customer’s objectives for avionics, instruments and electronics. We are dedicated to creating a workplace that enables all employees to do their best work, in an environment that is both supportive in higher learning and promotes excellence. Whether it is a new customer, or an existing one, we strive to exceed their expectations and in return gain their loyalty. By balancing new technologies with the old, our highly trained, and skilled professionals deliver solutions in aviation that will change the way the world views avionics.


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·         CNC machining

·         CAD design

·         Powder coating facilities

·         Epoxy silk screen capability

·         Boeing certified laser wire marking for harness  manufacturing

·         Instrument repair

·         Complete overhaul

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