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ADS-B Products

AIE, Inc. offers a wide range of FAA compliant ADS-B units.  It is now mandated that by January 1st, 2020 all aircraft be required to have ADS-B Out.  AIE, Inc. is here to keep your plane from becoming AOG.

Do you want ADS-B to work harder for you?  We recommend installing ADS-B In for weather, traffic, altitude and ground tracking to keep you more informed in the air.

We know that not all aircraft need the same type of unit, so to make it easier for our customers we have split ADS-B into simplified categories.  This way you can get guidance and select the best unit that fits your needs and your budget.

Click one of the following:

Sport Flying Device Air Sports Motorsegler Pilot

Experimental/Light Sport Part 23

Our Light Sport Aircraft ADS-B solutions meet the requirements mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.





General Aviation Certified Part 23

We’re offering low-cost options for personally owned and small business aviation.

Business Aviation

Business Aviation Solutions Part 25

Our Business Aviation ADS-B solutions are tailored to our commercial customers specific needs.

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