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automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast

What is ADS-B? Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is a satellite based system that will allow air traffic controllers to handle a higher volume of aircraft more effectively. The system is interactive and utilizes GPS-based datalinks to preform the tracking function in a more accurate, reliable, and affordable way. 

When using the ADS-B datalinks, every aircraft will automatically transmit it’s exact position, speed, track, altitude, climb/decent rate to air traffic in the area and air traffic controllers. The Dependent portion of ADS-B means that, each aircraft operating in the system is responsible for determining its own WAAS/SBAS level GPS location/position and then transmitting that information to others using the datalink network. The purpose is that everyone in the ADS-B network is interconnected and dependent upon the system. Situational awareness is greatly enhanced allowing everyone to see clearly where they are in comparison with each other. Every aircraft is required to have mode C or Mode S transponder or the ADS-B  “out” by December 31. 2019. The other benefits to ADS-B is that the “In” is free weather and traffic. AIE, Inc. offers a wide variety of affordable solutions to provide for this requirement .

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