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Aircraft Wiring Capabilities

Aircraft Wiring

Did you know that quality wiring is important for your safety? Faulty wiring has been responsible for numerous aircraft fires, and crashes. The past has brought us some hindsight regarding what it takes to promote continued safety when it comes to wiring techniques and good practices. Do you know what  shape your wiring is in?

At AIE, Inc. we use only the highest quality wire and the latest in wire marking technology. We provide excellent wiring practices during the installation process, to ensure that we meet all FAA safety requirements and ATSRAC-EWIS high quality standards. We specialize in complete retro-fit and repair services for aeronautical electrical wiring.

9 Vital Keys to a Complete Wire Evaluation

  • Visual inspection
  • Signal path resistance check
  • Preemptive splice repair or wire replacement
  • Identify any moisture intrusion
  • Inspect drip shields
  • Decrease proximate flammable materials
  • Maintain separation of critical systems wiring
  • Use of arc faulty circuit breaks

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We test every aircraft we work on and require that our technicians follow a variety of standardized procedures that promote safety and that exceed safety standards. Our facility utilizes the MRO 200 wire marking machine that has been approved and qualified by BOEING as per BAC 5152, by AIRBUS as per AIPS and they conform to international aeronautical standards such as SAE ARP5607. 

Other major aircraft manufacturers, civil and military programs worldwide utilize the same equipment used in our facility. The wire marking machine helps to ensure accuracy when wiring and replacing old wiring in the aircraft. AIE, Inc. technicians are trained in cable wiring harness assembly opposed to loose wiring methods. There are many advantages to using a cable harness assembly. By binding the wires and cables into a harness, they can be easily secured to the aircraft or other electrical equipment. The harness then provides a number of benefits such as space optimization, protection against vibrations, abrasions, and moisture.  

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