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·Aerospace / Bendix King

AV80R, Apex Edge Series, Safety, Displays, Communication, Navigation,  Identification, Flight Controls, Indicators, Audio and Accessories.

·Air Comm Systems, Inc. a division of AIE, Inc.

Single and Dual Audio Mixer Panels, PA/Siren Systems, Portable Radio Adapters and Audio Interfaces.

·AEM Performance Electronics

Sensors, Gauges, Connectors, Wiring Harnesses and Programmable Engine Management Systems.

·ARC Artex Electronics, Inc.

ResQLink, AquaLink, ELT 345, ELT 1000, Firefly Pro Solas and C-Strobe.

·Auracle (Ultra FEI – Flightline)

Specializes in the Design, Manufacture and Support of Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Systems and Products for Defense, Security and Aerospace Applications Worldwide.

·Aspen Avionics

Evolution for Class III and Helicopters, Evolution 1000, 2000 and 2500, Evolution PFD and MFD Displays.  

·Avidyne Corp.

Plug and Play Panel Mounted Avionics.

·Avidyne Entegra – Emax Engine Monitoring System

Avidyne Entegra Integrated Flight Deck System.

·Avidyne – Flight Max (Flight Situation Display)

Flight Situation Display.

·Avionic Instruments, LLC

Frequency Converters, Static Inverters, Light Dimmers, Transformer Rectifier Units, Voltage Regulators and Custom Design.     

·Becker Avionics, Int’l

Manufacturer of Radio Electronics, COM, NAV, XPDR and GPS-Based Moving Maps for the General Aviation Markets.

·BendixKing by Honeywell

Displays, Safety Equipment, Communication, Navigation & Identification Avionics, Flight Controls, Indicators, Audio Panels and Accessories for the General Aviation, Experimental and Light Sport and Business Aviation Communities.

·BendixKing Radio

Nationwide Distributor of BK Radio Fire Radios – NO Aviation.

·Century Flight Systems (Autopilots)

Directional Gyro, Attitude Gyro, Flight Director Steering Horizon, Compass System and Altitude Preselect.     


Auto Flight Systems Airborne Communications and Navigation Antennas.

·Cobham Digital Systems  

Supplier of Flexcomm Multi-band, Airborne, FM/AM, Analog and Digital Radio Communication Systems for the Public Safety and Industrial Markets. 

·Diamond J

Exceedance Monitoring (Bell 206 & A-Star) and Engine Instruments (Huey II).

·Electronics International

Instruments and Electronics.

·Flightline Systems

Digital Engine Power Management Systems Designed for the General Aviation OEM and Retrofit Markets.

·Floscan Instrument Co., Inc.

Fuel Flow Instrumentation for Permanent Installation on Diesel and Gasoline Engines.

·FreeFlight Systems

GPS Navigation Management Systems, GPS/WAAS Sensors, and Radar Altimeters.

·Garmin, Bronze Garmin Aviation Distributor

Electronics for Pilot Communication, Navigation, ATC Surveillance and Hazard Avoidance.

·Honeywell Aerospace

Avionics Systems, Avionics Testing, FMS, EPIC, APEX, Environmental Control Systems, Flight Panel Displays, and Engine Control Systems.

·JP Instruments

Manufacturer of Fuel Flow and Engine Temperature Gauges.

·L3 Communications

 Avionics Systems.

·Mid-Continent Instruments

Autopilot Gyros, Altimeters, HSI’s, GPS Annunciators and a host of other Aviation Instruments.

·Northern Airborne Technology

Aerospace Avionics, Airborne Telephone Adapters, Telephone Dialer Adapters, Aircraft Electronics, Intercom Systems, Speaker Amplifiers, Audio Panels and Audio Controllers.


Wireless Communications Equipment Consisting of Land Mobile Radios, Utility Load Management Systems, and Base Stations.

·Sandel Avionics

Avionics Display Systems.


Fuel Flow Indicators, Fuel Flow Transducers, Airdata Computers, Engine Trend Monitors, Converters, AIS, Altitude Management, Encoders, Serializers and Trendbox 200. 

·S-Tec Corp.

Manufacturer of Flight Control Systems and Avionics for General Aviation.

·Technisonics Industries

Project 25 Airborne FM, Airborne FM, Airborne Audio and Ground Based AM.

·Trig Avionics

Avionics Systems.

·TKM Avionics

Avionics and Test Equipment.

·VAL Avionics

Avionics Systems.


FLEXCOMM, FliteLine, Nav/Com Products, FLEXCOMM Communications Products, Cobham Series III Nav/Com Products, Cobham, FliteLine Nav/Com Products and Flitefone VI Airborne Telephone Products.

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