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·         Aerospace / Bendix King

AV80R, Apex Edge Series, Safety, Displays, Communication, Navigation,  Identification, Flight Controls, Indicators, Audio & Accessories.

·         Air Comm Systems, Inc. a division of AIE, Inc.

Single and Dual Audio Mixer Panels, PA/Siren Systems, Portable Radio Adapters and Audio Interfaces.

·         AEM Performance Electronics

Sensors, Gauges, Connectors, Wiring Harnesses and Programmable Engine Management Systems.

·         ARC Artex Electronics, Inc.

ResQLink, AquaLink, ELT 345, ELT 1000, Firefly Pro Solas, C-Strobe.

·         Auracle (Ultra FEI – Flightline)

Specializes in the Design, Manufacture and Support of Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Systems and Products for Defense, Security and Aerospace Applications Worldwide.

·         Aspen Avionics

Evolution for Class III and Helicopters, Evolution 1000, 2000 and 2500, Evolution PFD and MFD Displays.  

·         Avidyne Corp.

Plug & Play Panel Mounted Avionics.

·         Avidyne Entegra – Emax Engine Monitoring System

Avidyne Entegra Integrated Flight Deck System.

·         Avidyne – Flight Max (Flight Situation Display)

Flight Situation Display.

·         Avionic Instruments, LLC

·         Becker Avionics, Int’l

Manufacturer of Radio Electronics, COM, NAV, XPDR and  GPS-Based Moving Maps for the General Aviation Markets.

·         BendixKing by Honeywell

Displays, Safety Equipment, Communication, Navigation & Identification Avionics, Flight Controls, Indicators, Audio Panels and Accessories for the General Aviation, Experimental and Light Sport and Business Aviation Communities.

·         BendixKing Radio

Nationwide Distributor of BK Radio Fire Radios – NO Aviation.

·         Century Flight Systems (Autopilots)

·         Chelton 

Auto Flight Systems Airborne Communications and Navigation Antennas.

·         Cobham Digital Systems  

Supplier of Flexcomm Multi-band, Airborne, FM/AM, Analog and Digital Radio Communication Systems for the Public Safety and Industrial Markets. 

·         Diamond J

Exceedance Monitoring (Bell 206 & A-Star) and Engine Instruments (Huey II).

·         Electronics International

Instruments and Electronics.

·         Flightline Systems

Digital Engine Power Management Systems Designed for the General Aviation OEM and Retrofit Markets.

·         Floscan Instrument Co., Inc.

Fuel Flow Instrumentation for Permanent Installation on Diesel and Gasoline Engines.

·         FreeFlight Systems

GPS Navigation Management Systems, GPS/WAAS Sensors, and Radar Altimeters.

·         Garmin, Bronze Garmin Aviation Distributor

Electronics for Pilot Communication, Navigation, ATC Surveillance and Hazard Avoidance.

·         Honeywell Aerospace

Avionics Systems, Avionics Testing, FMS, EPIC, APEX, Environmental Control Systems, Flight Panel Displays, and Engine Control Systems.

·         JP Instruments

Manufacturer of Fuel Flow and Engine Temperature Gauges.

·         L3 Communications

 Avionics Systems.

·         Mid-Continent Instruments

Autopilot Gyros, Altimeters, HSI’s, GPS Annunciators and a host of other Aviation Instruments.

·         Northern Airborne Technology

Aerospace Avionics, Airborne Telephone Adapters, Telephone Dialer Adapters, Aircraft Electronics, Intercom Systems, Speaker Amplifiers, Audio Panels, Audio Controllers.

·         Relm-BK

Wireless Communications Equipment Consisting of Land Mobile Radios, Utility Load Management Systems, and Base Stations.

·         Sandel Avionics

Avionics Display Systems.

·         Shadin

Fuel Flow Indicators, Fuel Flow Transducers, Airdata Computers, Engine Trend Monitors, Converters, AIS, Altitude Management, Encoders, Serializers, Trendbox 200. 

·         S-Tec Corp.

Manufacturer of Flight Control Systems and Avionics for General Aviation.

·         Technisonics Industries

Project 25 Airborne FM, Airborne FM, Airborne Audio, Ground Based AM.

·         Trig Avionics

Avionics Systems.

·         TKM Avionics

Avionics and Test Equipment.

·         VAL Avionics

Avionics Systems.

·         Wulfsberg

FLEXCOMM, FliteLine, Nav/Com Products, FLEXCOMM Communications Products, Cobham Series III Nav/Com Products, Cobham, FliteLine Nav/Com Products, Flitefone VI Airborne Telephone Products.

AIE, Inc. now offers Aircraft Maintenance Annuals and Overhauls