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Experimental/Light Sport Part 23

Our ADS-B solutions satisfy the mandate required for Homebuilt, Experimental, and Light Sport Aircraft.  

Homebuilt aircraft is defined as amateur built or homebuilt aircraft constructed by persons for whom this is not professional activity.

Experimental aircraft is defined as a vehicle that has not yet been proven in flight.  Homebuilt and Experimental aircraft are typically flown with experimental category airworthiness certificates.  

Light Sport Aircraft is defined as a vehicle with a maximum gross takeoff weight of less than 600 kilograms or 1,320 pounds for land planes and 649 kilograms or 1,430 pounds for sea planes with a maximum airspeed in level flight of not more than 120 knots or 222 kilometers per hour, and a maximum stall speed of 45 knots or 83 kilometers per hour.  Light Sport Aircraft is also limited to a maximum of two seats, fixed undercarriage, fixed pitch or ground adjustable propeller and a single reciprocating engine.  



ADS-B In identifies other aircraft near you and broadcasts their position.



ADS-B Out broadcasts your aircraft’s position to other aircraft and Air Traffic Control Ground Stations.

ADS-B-diagram 2


ADS-B In and Out is the complete package in technology for aircraft traffic control.

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