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Garmin’s 7-inch G3X Touch Display is Now Shipping!



Introducing the all-new Garmin G3X™ Touch. It’s the smartest, most advanced large-format flight display Garmin has ever designed (and priced) specifically for experimental/amateur-built aircraft.  This new G3X Touch series offers a commanding array of glass cockpit capabilities, including standard SVX synthetic vision, built-in GPS, ADAHRS, video input and EIS interface – plus options for angle of attack, autopilot and more – all accessed via the big 10.6” touchscreen. A split-screen mode lets you pair PFD and MFD views on the same display. Plus, there’s control for space-saving remote comm radios and transponders2 – as well as optional weather and traffic links. Garmin G3X Touch: The future at your fingertips.


Available Today for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft!

No wonder so many pilots of light sport (LSA) and experimental/kitplane aircraft are looking to Garmin for the ultimate in situational awareness.  Now, the standard SVX synthetic vision display on Garmin’s G3X system has been enhanced with 3-D “pathways” guidance, showing your flight planned route by means of outlined “windows” on the PFD screen. These windows vary in size to depict the flight path in perspective, making it easy to visualize enroute legs, course intercepts, final approach courses, runway thresholds and more.  Just follow the “pathway in the sky” by sequencing through the outlined windows.  In addition, the newest G3X upgrade also comes with standard “lean Assist” EGT/CHT monitoring for designated engines with the requisite sensors. As a result, optimizing both your flight and fuel management just got easier with Garmin G3X…Follow the leader.

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