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New GTN Software Offers a Multitude of Additional Features

Canadian Part 27 AML STC also Available


Garmin is pleased to announce the availability of new software that provides additional enhancements and new features for the GTN touchscreen series navigator. GTN software version 5.11 includes additional Connext cockpit connectivity, which supports wireless flight plan transfer between the GTN 750/650 series and Garmin Pilot5, as well as simplified database updates, VHF frequency and station labeling, faster and simpler frequency entry, FastFind, airspace altitude overlay, WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology and more datafield customization options. Many of these new features are enabled by a free software update, available in August 2014 for fixed wing aircraft and 4th Quarter, 2014 for select helicopters, bringing even more advanced capabilities to existing avionics installations. 



Connext Cockpit Connectivity


The GTN now offers wireless cockpit connectivity featuring Connext when incorporating the Flight Stream 210 wireless gateway. With this, GTN customers have access to wireless flight plan transfer capabilities when using Garmin Pilot on an iOS or select Android mobile device. Connext cockpit connectivity gives pilots the ability to transfer completed flight plans within Garmin Pilot to the GTN upon arrival at the airport, allowing more time to focus on pre-flight activities. Prior to takeoff, pilots may choose to receive up-to-date flight plan amendments from air traffic control when enabling notifications for ATC Proposed Routes in Garmin Pilot. 

As Proposed Route Notifications from ATC become available and activated in Garmin Pilot, they may be transferred to the GTN, so last-minute flight plan modifications are quick and easy. Additionally, active flight plans that are manually amended in-flight may be sent between the GTN and Garmin Pilot so flight plans are identical and amendments only need to be made on one device. Furthermore, GPS information from the GTN series and attitude information from the Flight Stream 210, combine to display within Garmin Pilot. Customers who have incorporated a GDL 88 receive the additional benefit of displaying traffic and weather on a mobile device, while customers with a GDL 69 SiriusXM datalink receiver may display weather information and access remote audio controls all within Garmin Pilot. The Flight Stream 210 is anticipated to become available in August 2014.


WireAware Wire-Strike Avoidance Technology

WireAware graphically overlays comprehensive power line altitude information on the moving map, which is selectable by wire segment to display altitude information. Altitude information is offered in both mean sea level (MSL) and above ground level (AGL), so they are easier to identify relative to the aircraft flight path. With optional Terrain and Awareness Warning System (HTAWS/TAWS), visual and aural alerts are provided, offering an additional layer of protection. All basic obstacle databases contain Hazardous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines, which include those that span rivers, canyons, valleys and power lines within the vicinity of airports. Three new versions of the obstacle database are available and offer comprehensive coverage in the U.S. and portions of Canada and Mexico. New basic obstacle database packages now include HOT lines for a single update. Comprehensive wire coverage can be added for a single update. Annual subscriptions and PilotPaks are also available.



Simplified Database Updates

Managing databases between multiple GTN’s in the aircraft is easier and faster than ever with software version 5.11. Customers have the flexibility of updating only one database card, saving time and streamlining the database update process. Similar to the G1000, the GTN series now has the ability to pre-load the next database cycle without losing the active cycle so database updates can be queued in advance. Pilots who take advantage of database synchronization receive additional flexibility in the update process and have convenient access to the most current information in their avionics. 



Flight planning is faster and easier than ever with FastFind, which incorporates predictive logic to suggest airports and waypoints using current GPS location. Quick flight plan entry is possible with FastFind, which automatically begins searching for the nearest identifier as an airport or waypoint is entered within a flight plan. 


Station Identifier and VHF Frequency Labeling


Similar to the popular GTR and GNC radios, the GTN now displays the station identifier and frequency type of the nearest airport or NAVAID below the active/standby COM and NAV frequencies. Entering frequencies into the GTN is streamlined, which may now be entered without the leading number “1” and trailing zero(s). For example, pilots can now enter the frequency “119.10” easily into the GTN series by simply selecting “1”, “9” and “1.” Because the number one and trailing zero populate automatically, frequency entry is faster than ever before.


Import Customizable Checklists, Import Flight Plans, and More

Utilizing the Garmin Aviation Checklist Editor on a PC, pilots now have the option to create custom checklists for display on the GTN 750/650 series. Once created, checklists can be saved to an SD card and inserted into the GTN. 


Airspace Altitude Overlays

Airspace altitude overlays on the moving map page offer additional situational awareness, especially in congested airspace. Pilots have the option to view airspace maximum and minimum altitudes just as they appear on a sectional chart, so it’s easier to identify airspace altitude limitations.


Customize Your GTN

User data fields may be configured as shortcuts for nearly all of the pages within the GTN 750/650, providing easier access to functions or pages that are used often. For example, pilots who fly in congested airspace frequently can create a shortcut field directly to the traffic page, which may be accessible from the moving map. New data field options can also be configured for quick access to other system functions, such as the display of radial and distance to the tuned VOR, switching CDI source and weather radar controls. Even further data field customization gives pilots rapid one-touch access to important information. 




For current GTN owners, this free software upgrade is anticipated to be available in August from Garmin Authorized Dealers (installation charges may apply), for hundreds of aircraft makes and models. Helicopter owners can expect to receive the benefits of WireAware, simplified database updates, FastFind, simple frequency entry, customizable checklists, and flight plan import in Q4 2014, for the following helicopter models: 

  • Bell 206 and 407 series Eurocopter
  • AS 350B2/B3, EC 130B4, EC 130T2 
  • MD 369E/F/FF


Canadian Part 27 AML STC

Recently, the GTN achieved Part 27 AML STC Validation through Transport Canada for software version 4.00. Garmin has been awarded STC number SH14-23. This STC covers both the GTN 7xx and 6xx in accordance with FAA STC SR2120SE. This validation provides Canadian STC approval for installation of the GTN in many helicopters, including versions of the Airbus Helicopters AS350, EC130, Bell 206 and 407, and the MD 500.

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