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General Aviation Certified Part 23

General Aviation is often misinterpreted as aviation in general, however it is actually defined as flight activities not involving commercial air transportation or aerial work. In example, general aviation is characterized as any flight not carrying passengers or cargo.  Approximately 350,000 aircraft and 700,000 pilots are involved in general aviation activities worldwide.

We are offering low-cost options for personally owned and small business aviation.  Also, the FAA has a $500 rebate program to help owners of less expensive general aviation aircraft equip themselves with the new mandated ADS-B.  The program will run until September 19, 2017 or until all 20,000 rebates have been claimed. Visit www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/rebate to see how many are left and if you are eligible to participate in the rebate program.



ADS-B In identifies other aircraft near you and broadcasts their position.



ADS-B Out broadcasts your aircraft’s position to other aircraft and Air Traffic Control Ground Stations.

ADS-B-diagram 2


ADS-B In and Out is the complete package in technology for aircraft traffic control.

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