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AIE, Inc. provides retrofitting services, quality avionics and installations for a variety of different aircraft. With new technology and products now available, and new instrument panel requirements becoming mandated by the FAA (ADS-B), we have the in-house ability to design and create an instrument panel to meet the regulations and your specific needs. Our highly skilled technicians are at your disposal and we provide top of the line solutions that will exceed your expectations. Based upon your budget, panel layout, and specific needs, we are here to help reach your desired objectives. AIE, Inc has over 30 years of experience completing complex avionics installations including Glass Cockpits, TAWS, TCAS, FMS, and complete re-wire retrofitting capabilities.


Instrument Panel Upgrade Options


At AIE, Inc. we excel at creating solutions that fit you and your aircraft. We have taken a complex process and made it simple, yet customized. We provide quality results that last.



·                  Transponder

·                  Single COM

·                  Nav/COM (Optional)

·                  GPS/COM (Optional)

·                  GPS/NAV/COM Unit (Optional)



·         Transponder

·         Dual NAV/COM (recommended)

·         NAV/COM (Optional)

·         GPS/COM (Optional)

·         GPS/NAV/COM Unit (Optional)

·         Upgrade Avionics

·         Glass Panel Options

·         LED Lighting Options

·         Aircraft Operation Options- VFR? VFR+?, or IFR?



·         Transponder

·         Dual NAV/COM with GPS Receiver

·         Including moving map Display or MFD

·         Encoder

·         Audio Panel

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