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Garmin Extended Squitter Upgrade


This unit requires installation and cannot be sold otherwise.  Please know that all installation quotes are based upon the assumption that the wiring inside the aircraft is airworthy.  All prices are subject to change without notice.

Garmin’s Extended Squitter (ES) transponder upgrade provides ADS-B “Out” compliance for existing GTX 330 and GTX 33 transponders.


This upgrade is for aircraft with existing GTX 330 panel mount or GTX 33 remote mount transponders and allows for an affordable pathway to ADS-B “Out” compliance.  With the Extended Squitter upgrade you’re able to retains your existing GTX 330 or GTX 33 series transponder while adding 1090 MHz ES broadcast capability.  Use WAAS/GPS from a compatible navigator to enables more accurate and responsive traffic surveillance for Air Traffic Ground Control.

Your GTX series transponder may or may not have ES capability already installed. Existing ES transponders may need to have their software updated before they qualify as ADS-B “Out” compliant under TSO-C166b criteria.  If your transponder is not an ES version, an upgrade is available.

To understand if your GTX 330 is an ES version, look at the splash screen when your avionics are being powered on. You’ll see either “GTX 330” or “GTX 330 ES” to show which version you have. The same is true of the remote GTX 33.

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