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Bendix King KGX 150 R UAT


This unit requires installation and cannot be sold otherwise.  Please know that all installation quotes are based upon the assumption that the wiring inside the aircraft is airworthy.  

The Bendix King KGX 150 R UAT functions as an ADS-B “In” unit only. 


The Bendix King manufactured KGX 150 R UAT Receiver has been designed for all aircraft, those who fly above and below 18,000 feet.  It was designed to maximize configuration inside the cockpit.  This unit functions as an ADS-B “In” receiver and it’s capabilities maximize situational awareness outside of the cockpit.  The ADS-B “In” features include TIS-B and FIS-B uplinks for traffic and graphical weather display.  The KGX 150 includes a high integrity WAAS GPS option and wireless connectivity capabilities.  It can also be paired with your existing Mode A/C transponders.

An MFD or iPad display is available on compatible panels via wifi.

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