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Garmin GTX 335R for G1000 without WAAS


This unit requires installation and cannot be sold otherwise.  Please know that all installation quotes are based upon the assumption that the wiring inside the aircraft is airworthy.  All prices are subject to change without notice.

Garmin GTX 335R provides an ADS-B “Out” function only.   This is the remote mounted version of the GTX 335 for the G1000 without built-in WAAS.


For our customers who are looking to satisfy the ADS-B “Out” requirement as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, the Garmin GTX 335R is a remote-mounted ES Transponder that offers an ideal solution.  This Transponder is for the G1000 and does not come equipped with built-in WAAS.  It provides only the “Out” function, which will completely satisfy the FAA mandate.

The all-inclusive 1090 MHz Transponder not only provides the solution to the mandate but it also entitles your aircraft to operate at any altitude and in any airspace anywhere on the planet.

This unit operates as a Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) and provides an option to equip your aircraft with a WAAS/GPS source.  The WAAS/GPS option is an available upgrade for the Transponder (and is available for an additional charge).

For owners of select G1000-equipped aircraft, a remote mount version, the GTX 335R, interfaces with either the aircraft’s existing WAAS position source for navigation or uses the optional built-in WAAS position source to meet ADS-B “Out” requirements.  The G1000 display unit interfaces with the remote mounted GTX Transponder to provide onscreen squawk code entry.

The GTX 335R can additionally be paired with the Garmin altitude encoder to satisfy data transmission requirements for IFR.  The difference, when compared to other Transponders with altitude encoding built in is that the Garmin altitude encoder mounts separately on the install rack.  Therefore, should the Transponder ever require removal, there is no need for the static line to be disconnected.  Which, in turn, eliminates the need for a follow-on leak check, and thus helps minimize ongoing service costs.

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